What to expect in a yoga2calm class

Yoga designed for you

Yoga lessons are designed around the needs of each individual or client group.

Yoga classes are available in a range of settings. Please see the class timetable for more details.
In classes we work to developing physical skills such as core stability, balance, proprioception and to release tension from the whole body.

“We soothe the nervous system and support the brain and cardiovascular system by practicing breath awareness together.”

We mindfully work together to learning to listen, follow sequences and develop our focus and calm.

Our yoga practice supports the development self esteem and may be the first step for anyone who is very anxious to begin engagement with other activities.

Specialist Knowledge

Kay has been sharing yoga since 2009 and is able to incorporate specialist knowledge into classes for children, special needs, autism, mental health, back care, pre and postnatal yoga, Thai yoga massage, sports massage and mindfulness based stress reduction. The aim of each lesson is to offer a safe space to explore yoga together.

Classes available

Classes are available for;
• Adults living with mental health challenges,
• Stress reduction classes for Carers of adults living with mental health challenges,
• Families and children impacted by ASD,
• Stress reduction classes for parents, Carers and siblings of children impacted by ASD,
• Adults with special needs,
• Groups of up to three can access a private class in Stockport,
• One off events also welcome.

Working with all affected by special needs and mental health challenges. Sharing mindfulness, movement & massage to soothe and calm.

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